Journey through Acts – Chapter 16:16-28

Last week we began chapter 16 and we were introduced to Paul’s young protégé Timothy. Paul, Silas and Timothy had begun Paul’s second missionary journey and while traveling the Lord directed them not to enter into two different regions. Rather, they were told to go to Macedonia instead. You may

Journey through Acts, Chapter 16

Communion Sunday, All Saints Day Today is All Saints Day and it’s the day that we remember those who have gone before us in the faith. Remember in Hebrews 12 we are told a “great cloud of witnesses” surrounds us encouraging us and cheering us on. John Wesley, founder of

Journey through Acts, Chapter 15:35-41

In chapter 14 last week we took a close look at Paul’s first missionary journey which lasted about two years. Barnabas and his cousin John Mark traveled with Paul on this journey, although John Mark left before it was half-way finished. And I might add Paul was not a happy

journey through Acts, Chapter 14:1-7, 19-22

Last week in chapter 13 of Acts we began looking at Paul and his first missionary trip with Barnabas and John Mark. These men had been set apart by God to do His holy work. Just as each of us has been set apart to do His holy work! And

Journey through Acts, Chapter 13:38-52

Last week we looked at the final story concerning Peter in the Acts of the Apostles, which was his rescue from prison for the second time. Herod Agrippa the 1st had just executed the apostle James, one of Jesus’ inner circle, not James the half-brother of Jesus who was the leader

Journey through Acts, Chapter 12:1-19

Over the last couple of weeks, we have looked at the conversion of the Ethiopian, Saul and the Gentile, Cornelius. We have studied just exactly what Cornelius’s conversion represented and the importance of his conversion. Which, if you recall, was the fact that God loved the Gentiles too and was

Journey through Acts, Chapter 11:19-30

For the last 3 weeks in the Acts of the Apostles we have been hearing about conversions – the conversion of the Ethiopian, Saul and finally Cornelius. During this 3rd conversion however, the Apostles learn something that was most likely quite shocking to them. What did they learn? “So then, even to

Journey through Acts, Chapter 10:9-23

Two weeks ago, in chapter 8 of the Acts of the Apostles we heard about the conversion of the Ethiopian eunuch through Philip, the evangelist. Last week in chapter 9, we stepped away from Philip to hear about Saul’s conversion and how he was struck blind by Jesus. Jesus told

Journey through Acts, Chapter 9:1-19

We ended chapter eight last week with the story of Philip the evangelist who left a powerful and highly successful preaching ministry before large crowds in Samaria. Why – out of obedience to the Lord. God called Philip to proclaim the gospel to a single man, an Ethiopian traveling on

Journey through Acts, 8:26-40

Good morning church family! I hope you have had a good week and are ready and eager to begin this new one. Today is communion Sunday so please take a minute to gather together whatever you will be using for the elements – bread or crackers, juice or water. We

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