Journey through Acts, Chapter 11:19-30

For the last 3 weeks in the Acts of the Apostles we have been hearing about conversions – the conversion of the Ethiopian, Saul and finally Cornelius. During this 3rd conversion however, the Apostles learn something that was most likely quite shocking to them. What did they learn? “So then, even to

Journey through Acts, Chapter 10:9-23

Two weeks ago, in chapter 8 of the Acts of the Apostles we heard about the conversion of the Ethiopian eunuch through Philip, the evangelist. Last week in chapter 9, we stepped away from Philip to hear about Saul’s conversion and how he was struck blind by Jesus. Jesus told

Journey through Acts, Chapter 9:1-19

We ended chapter eight last week with the story of Philip the evangelist who left a powerful and highly successful preaching ministry before large crowds in Samaria. Why – out of obedience to the Lord. God called Philip to proclaim the gospel to a single man, an Ethiopian traveling on

Journey through Acts, 8:26-40

Good morning church family! I hope you have had a good week and are ready and eager to begin this new one. Today is communion Sunday so please take a minute to gather together whatever you will be using for the elements – bread or crackers, juice or water. We

Journey through Acts- 8:1-8,14-17

Good morning church family! We are entering chapter eight this week in the Acts of the Apostles and will spend two weeks on this chapter. But first, as I usually do, let me recap for you what has been going on. Stephen, one of “the seven” enters into an argument with

Journey through Acts-Chapter 7:51-60

Good morning church family! Unfortunately I do want to mention that we lost both Bob Severt and Joanne Edmiston this past week. Please be sure and keep their families in your thoughts and prayers as they begin the process of mourning their loved ones. This morning we are going to

Journey through Acts – Chapter 6

Good morning church family! This week we are finishing up chapter 6 in the Acts of the Apostles and we are also going to learn about the disciple Stephen. Last week we discussed how the number of disciples was increasing rapidly through the apostles’ bold preaching about God. Keep in

Journey through Acts – Chapter 5

Good morning church family! This week we are starting on chapter 6 in the Acts of the Apostles. Last week we discussed the story of Ananias and Sapphira and the harsh penalty they paid for lying to the church, which was, lying to God. We noted that ultimately, any sin

Journey through Acts-Chapter 5

Good morning church family! Before we begin, I wanted to let you know that even though Clark County has dropped back down to level 2 – the orange level, we are not going to begin conducting services back in our church building at this time. With the fairs going on

Journey through Acts -Chapter 4

Good morning church family! Well once again I am videoing the message in order to keep everyone safe and healthy during these challenging times, particularly in light of Clark County’s escalation from orange alert to red alert this past week. But I did want you to know that I will

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